Windows Repair Tools

by Misty Faucheux

If your Windows operating system is not working properly, then you need a way to run diagnostics on it to determine what is going wrong with it. After you figure out the problem, software programs can help repair your system and recover your data, and some of these programs will even correct Windows Registry errors.

NTFS Data Recovery

The Windows New Technology File System (NTFS) data recovery system allows you to recover data lost because of accidental deletion, reformatting, improper shutdown or virus attacks, and even lost partitions. Disk partitioning involves breaking up a hard drive into multiple, virtual drives. You can save retrieved files to any drive on your local computer, and it uses a graphical user interface (GUI), which allows you to run commands by using radio buttons and checkboxes as opposed to writing programs or code. This tool is compatible with the following versions of Windows: 98, 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008, Millennium (Me), NT 4.0, XP, Vista and Windows 7. A free trial download of this software program is available, but you must purchase the full version when the trial period expires. As of 2010, this tool costs $69.

Live OneCare

The Windows Live OneCare Antivirus Service could not start tool (RepairBootIni.exe) allows you repair your Live OneCare Antivirus program. This program starts at boot up, which means that you must download this tool to a CD or floppy disk. If your program won't start, then probably a third-party application or a user interface is keeping the program from launching, or something has changed the default kernel file. A kernel is a key component of any operating system, and the RepairBootIni.exe will restore the default settings on the kernel, which lets your antivirus software launch. This is a free tool, which you can download from the Microsoft website.

Registry Drill

This tool is specifically for finding errors within your Windows Registry and repairing those errors, and this tool is compatible with Windows 98, Me, 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008, XP, Vista and 7. Registry Drill also allows you to fix corrupted registry entries orthose that won't load, and you can also find and fix sub-keys. Other features of this program include that it will search for unwanted or unneeded registry entries and delete those, and you can search for sub-keys by date, time and/or permissions. Registry Drill comes with a free 15-day trial, but you must purchase the program after the trial period expires. As of 2010, this program costs $250.

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