Why Is My Windows Explorer Always Freezing Up?

by Rochelle Connery

Windows Explorer freezes for a multitude of reasons, regardless of the Windows operating system version in use. Users can eliminate or reduce the chances of experiencing crashes and freezes by altering the way they complete tasks involving Windows Explorer.

Too Many Panes

Windows Explorer may freeze when users switch between Explorer folders. If the user has several Windows Explorer panes open at once, this can prompt all of them to freeze up.


A Windows Explorer pane may freeze when the user right-clicks on a document or in the white space between documents. This often happens if too many windows are open or shortly after the user logs in right after powering on the machine.

Several Utilities Running

Other Windows programs may conflict with Windows Explorer functionality. Programs such as Windows Media Player may cause Windows Explorer to slow down or freeze, especially when dragging and dropping music or video files from Windows Explorer into the media player. Users can potentially avoid this by inserting fewer items at once and limiting the amount of open utilities.

Deleting Documents

While it is possible for a Windows Explorer pane to freeze or crash when deleting just one document, it is more likely to stall when deleting several documents at a time. Deleting a few documents at once often helps users avoid freezing Windows Explorer panes.

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