What Is Rundll?

by Robert Karr

Commonly used parts of programs in Windows have a "dll" extension. Software providers reduce the size of code by using these files. Checking on the proper functioning of dll files is the responsibility of the Rundll program.


The Rundll file, really a small program, usually comes up as a Rundll or Rundll32 error message. When this appears, it means that a file Windows needs to continue operating is corrupt or missing.


Rundll.exe or Rundll32.exe maintains a check on the health of Dynamic Link Library (dll) files, including possible conflicts between different programs on the computer.


Identifying the Rundll file is a matter of looking in the Windows/System32 folder for a program named "Rundll32.exe." However, the more important act is to identify and repair the file that Rundll identifies as a problem.


Without this warning method, many software programs now written for Windows would not function, since more than one program makes use of the same Dynamic Link Library files.


Despite the benefits of Rundll, it also offers an opportunity for hackers seeking access to your computer system. Visit the Microsoft support site to learn more about the security of this program and other features (see Resources).

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