What Is Embassy Trust Suite?

by Shea Laverty

Embassy Trust Suite is a legacy enterprise security platform developed by Wave Systems Corp. Designed as an centralized security platform, Embassy Trust Suite encompasses virtually every facet of enterprise level security, including authentication, encryption and email security. The suite is broken down into several software and hardware components.

Centralized Security Management

At the core of Embassy Trust Suite is Embassy Security Center. ESC is installed on all endpoints within the system: computers, tablets, laptops and other devices accessing your company's network. ESC interacts with installed hardware like self-encrypting drives and trusted platform modules, which are increasingly common in enterprise computing devices. ESC can also be remotely administrated using the Embassy Remote Administration Server, enabling centralized control of all ESC features.

Hardware-based Authentication

ETS is also designed to work with two-form authentication, including the use of authentication hardware. In addition to interacting with SEDs and TPMs, ETS can be configured to work with fingerprint scanners and smart cards as well as traditional password entry. It can also interact with the disk encryption technology of numerous hard drive models from a variety of manufacturers.

Information and Document Security

ETS also works with Windows to ensure file security. It's designed to interact with the Encrypted File System, and comes with Document Manager, a tool for securing and managing files and documents. Also included is Personal Information Manager, which secures personal and credit card information, securely stores login and password information and automatically logs you into your websites. Personal Information Manager is also portable; you can offload it to a USB drive complete with all important information and use it at any computer for secure online activity.

Legacy Product

ETS is a legacy product, meaning that development has ceased as the company moves to distribute newer software. As of June 2014, ETS is still supported by Wave, but over time support for this product will be discontinued. Most functions of ETS are currently available in Embassy Security Center, a newer product named after one of the components of ETS.

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