Ways Excel Can Be Used in Business

by Lysis

Excel is an application packaged with Microsoft Office. It is a spreadsheet application used by businesses for graphs, records and calculations. Excel can be used by large and small businesses. The application is also useful for home banking and finances.

Sales Trends

Excel spreadsheets are perfect for the small business that needs to track sales trends throughout the months and years. It helps businesses notice changes in sales, so the business is able to act and correct the problem. The spreadsheets can be used to create graphs and presentations of quarterly sales for business associates and investors. An example of an Excel workbook for a sales application is a spreadsheet with daily sales. The daily sales can be automatically summed and added to another spreadsheet within the workbook that totals sales for the month. The monthly sales spreadsheet can then be summed for yearly sales.


Marketing is a huge part of business growth. Businesses need to take note of dollars spent versus conversion of customers. On the Internet, marketing can be quite expensive for new owners. An Excel spreadsheet can be used to keep a list of the month's marketing expenses and what customers were acquired using these dollars. If the business has several marketing outlets, an Excel spreadsheet can be used to track which marketing avenues bring in the most sales. These trends are important for managers to keep track of more efficient marketing costs.

Employee Information

Many businesses don't have the means for a large database to keep track of employee records. For small businesses, an Excel spreadsheet keeps track of employee names, Social Security numbers and pay scale. When saving private information, it's important to encrypt the file to secure the employee's data from identity theft. The Excel spreadsheet can be used to keep track of employees who work on commission, and be linked with a sales spreadsheet similar to that in Section 1. The link will show the business owner how well the employee is doing for monthly sales.

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