How to Watch Sky TV in Separate Rooms on Different Channels

by Adrian Grahams

Disagreement over what to watch on television can be the cause of clashes in many households. A great way to keep everyone happy is to set up your Sky Television system on more than one TV set. To watch different Sky Television channels on separate TV sets at the same time, you will need more than one cable feed from your satellite dish and a Sky Multiroom subscription. This will give you the same channel package on an additional Sky TV receiver. Sky TV will provide the equipment and install the system for a fee, or you can save money by setting it up yourself.

Subscribe to Sky Multiroom. Remember to state that you wish to install the system yourself. Sky TV will send you additional viewing cards.

Buy a new or secondhand Sky Television receiver. You can purchase these from online auction sites or satellite TV stores. Check that the receiver has a warranty.

Access your satellite dish and check the Low Noise Block, which is the device at the end of the dish arm. It must have at least one spare output jack, or two free jacks if your additional box is a Sky Plus receiver with integrated digital video recorder.

Replace the LNB if it has no spare connections. To do this, disconnect the feed cables from the existing LNB and detach the LNB by unscrewing or uncoupling it from the dish arm. Attach and secure your new LNB to the dish arm and reconnect existing feed cables to output jacks.

Install satellite-grade coaxial cable from the location of your additional Sky Television receiver to your satellite dish. Use the shortest run of cable possible, avoid sharp kinks and secure with cable ties or clamps. You will need to install two cables for a Sky Plus receiver.

Attach an F-type connector to the newly installed cable and connect it to any spare output jack on your satellite dish LNB. Waterproof the connection with the supplied rubber "boot" or by tightly winding weatherproof tape around the connection.

Attach an F-type connector to the receiver end of the new cable. Connect this to the antenna input socket on your additional Sky Television receiver. Place your viewing card in the slot on the front of the receiver and switch it on.


  • check Consider buying an LNB with more output sockets than you need, because this will allow you to add more connections in the future. "Quad" LNBs have four output jacks and "Octo" LNBs have eight.


  • close Use a platform or ladder to access your satellite dish safely. Get someone to help by holding the ladder while you climb it.
  • close Switch off all television equipment and disconnect from the AC power supply before working on your satellite dish.

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