How to Use a Word Processor

by Contributor

Word processors are extremely common and easy to use. If you have used a typewriter to write a letter or any other correspondence, using a word processor is simple. If you haven't used a typewriter a word processor is easy to learn and you can use it for many tasks such as writing a letter, doing your homework or composing your resume, to name a few.

Find word processing software you can download for free. There are quite a few. See the links in the resource section for a couple of options that will get you started. Open Office ranks among the most popular free word processor.

Purchase one of the better word processors, such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect of Microsoft Works. You can also buy an inexpensive word processor such as Star Office which can do the job too.

Type a letter in your word processor after you have it installed on your computer. If you write many letters, you can create a template and use it whenever you need to write a new letter.

Notice a big difference between using a typewriter and using a word processor is that when you use a typewriter you have to press enter at the end of a line, with a word processor you don't want to press enter at the end of a line. Word processors have word wrap which means that the text automatically goes from one line to the next.

Realize how much easier it is to center text in a word processor than in a typewriter. You just need to highlight the text you want centered, then click "Format," "Paragraph" and "Center."

Use your word processor to type your resume, write a cover letter or do your homework. You can find many tasks to do with your word processor.

Save your work with a name you will remember. Click "File" and "Save" to bring up the save dialog box, then name your document and click "Save." If you need to make revisions later, you will have your document saved, ready and waiting.

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