How to Use the Run Command

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The Run command is a part of the Windows operating system that allows you to quickly run programs and access particular files. This feature of Windows is a great way to open a program with a short common sense command code. It's quicker to use than opening a program, and you don't have to create a desktop shortcut to quickly access each program. Read on to learn how to use the Run command.

Visit the Computer Productivity website to determine which command you need to use to open the program you want to open. Popular commands include "Calc" to open the calculator, "Notepad" to open the notepad, "Wordpad" to open wordpad, "Winword" to open Microsoft Word, "Iexplore" to run Internet Explorer and "Control Panel" to open the control panel.

Click the "Start" button on your Windows desktop to open the "Start" menu.

Choose "Run" from the bottom of the second column of the "Start" menu to open the "Run" dialog box.

Type the command code to open the program you want to open in the "Open" text box in the "Run" dialog box.

Select the "OK" button to open the specified program and close the "Run" dialog box.

Use the program as needed and close it as normal when you are finished.


  • check A program has to be installed on your computer before you can use the run command to open and run the program.
  • check You can also access the "Run" dialog box by using the keyboard shortcut of WIN+R.
  • check The Run command is commonly used to access the command prompt by entering the command "CMD."

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