How to Use Lotus Notes

by Contributor

The Lotus Notes program offers database, notes, calendaring and email capabilities. The release of Version 8 lets you run the program on Windows, Mac or Linux. This new web-based environment has a navigation tree and integrated messaging.

Set up your Lotus Notes to accept your email. Select a login name and password. From here, send and receive all email using this program. Great options include spell checking and contact management.

Pull up the calendar portion of Lotus Notes. Use Lotus Notes to stay aware of your meetings and other special events and appointments. Set the timer to remind you.

Use the notes function to remind yourself of important things. This process streamlines your work and makes it easier. There are also components of word-processing and spreadsheet included. The OpenDocument format combines well with IBM's SmartSuite.

Try out the database aspects of Lotus Notes. It is really quite involved and places importance on the security of your documents. Export documents to PDF format when you need this capability.

Pay attention to the RSS and Atom feeds that are part of the new package. You can set the software up so that the feeds bring you items of interest.