How to Use Lexis

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Lexis-Nexis is a huge database that covers news, legal cases, market and business information. It is an excellent research tool used by lawyers, journalists and business people alike. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the Lexis-Nexis system.

Pick a database. The first step in using Lexis is to select the database you need for your particular search. Let's say you pick a legal database, you can then further narrow your search by picking cases or statutes, or state or federal law.

Enter your search terms. Once you pick the database you want, you can search for specific results within the database. Lexis lets you use either natural language or terms and connectors to narrow your search. If you aren't familiar with how to use terms and connectors, Lexis can even offer a tutorial.

View your results. Once your search is completed, Lexis will give you a list of results, usually listed in order of likely importance. You can print, save or even email your results.

Look at the records themselves. You can click on the highlighted links in your list of results to view the actual documents. You can also click on the "KWIC" command to see an excerpt of your article. Again, you can print, save or email the actual document.


  • check Lexis-Nexis offers tutorials and virtual tours of all the services it offers. Take advantage of this benefit to gain a better knowledge of how to best find the sources and documents you want.


  • close Lexis-Nexis can be expensive. Be sure to read the handbooks that come with your Lexis-Nexis service so you can learn how to best use the service to save time and get the best results.

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