How to Use a Jump Drive

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Jump Drives. Convenient, small and evidence of the world's technological advances. You see them everywhere among college students and have heard the name, but questions linger. A jump drive aka a flash drive is portable data storage. It can be used in place of a floppy disk or cd. It is inexpensive, small as a mini hi-liter and easy to use. Continue reading for step by step directions as to how does a jump drive work and how to use a jump drive.

Plug Jump Drive into USB Port!! If you are unsure what a USB port looks like or where it is located, continue to read; If not, skip to step 2. A USB Port, pictured to the left, is a small rectangular shape which is labeled with a tiny picture of what looks like a horizontal 3 pronged fork or tritan with a dot above it. You can enlarge picture on left to get a better view. If you have any doubt ask a friend or look up your computer instructions online or in the manual.

Add Files to USB Port!! Open the explore window and click on "my computer" to see that your USB drive has been recognized as removable storage and assigned a drive letter. From here, you can save files to your drive, drag files to your drive, delete files from your drive and use it as any other drive on your computer. If you use Windows 98, you will need to download the drivers for the drive. Use the link in the resource section. The download may also come with your Jump Drive.

Transport your information if needed!!! Take out your jump drive at any time to transport it to the library, a friend's, family member's, etc. Any operating systems above Windows 98 you can just plug it in and WALAH all your info will be there. Enjoy!


  • check Put your jump drive on a keychain in order to keep it close at hand.
  • check For information on shopping jump drives, see related article.


  • close If you have any operating system earlier than Windows 98, it may be easier to use a cd or floppy drive.

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