How to Use Jet Reports Software

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Jet Reports is a reporting solution that utilizes the power and functionality of Microsoft Excel. It can acquire data from many leading business applications like Navision, SAP and Oracle. Since most businesses use Excel as their spreadsheet application, it becomes painless and cost effective to use Jet Reports.

Install the Jet Reports software. New menu items and a toolbar will be added to Excel at the end of the installation.

Refresh your Excel knowledge. Jet Reports leverages the functionalities of Microsoft Excel to generate reports. The more comfortable you are with Excel, the easier it will be for you to master Jet Reports and unleash its full power. If you are rusty on the usage of Excel itself, purchase an authoritative training book from Microsoft Press, such as "Microsoft® Excel Version 2002 Inside Out" by Mark Dodge and Craig Stinson, to assist you (see Resources below).

Find out the purpose of each of the components. Discover how to create a new report using the Jet Wizard, understand how to schedule reports so that the data is automatically refreshed and a report is emailed to pre-selected recipients and practice the drag-and-drop features of the designer to create new reports quickly. You can also explore how to drill down into the reports to obtain details.

Create several sample reports based on your actual data. That will give you the confidence to use the software and will expose you to the different functionalities. Since Jet Reports Universal Connector can connect to any data source, create reports based on data from multiple databases.

Enroll in the online training classes presented by Jet Reports. Since the training sessions are web based, you can attend them from your own office. Once you are comfortable at the basic level, you can participate in the advanced, instructor-based training programs. Check the Jet Reports website for training dates and locations (see Resources below).

Visit the Jet Reports community forums to ask questions when you are stuck with a functionality (see Resources below).

Use the software. Actually using the product to design new reports will expose you to what Jet Reports can and cannot do for you. There are times when you will be convinced that a certain kind of report cannot be generated using Jet Reports. Before giving up, ask on the discussion forums for help, and check out the case studies posted on the website. You might be pleasantly surprised.


  • check Even though Jet Reports is a versatile reporting tool, it depends on Microsoft Excel as its engine. Hence, it doesn't have the power, flexibility and robustness of specialized stand-alone reporting software products.

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