How to Use iStudio Publisher

by Richard Burke

Apple has a desktop publishing application called iStudio Publisher from c:four Software, primarily for creating print projects, but since it uses PDF as the output format, projects can also be developed for websites. You can download a full-featured 30-day trial (see link in Resources below). The product is a reasonable $49.00, but is not as full-featured as Adobe InDesign or Quark. It does, however, have enough features to satisfy most amateur users and may have enough for some professional applications. In this article I will show you how easy it is to add an image, call out and text using iStudio Publisher.

Page Setup

Open iStudio Publisher and select a new file. As with any page layout program you will be asked to specify a page layout when opening a new file. Here is where you will notice the first limitation of the program; there are only a few sizes available. Fortunately, US Letter, Legal and Tabloid are among the existing page layouts, as are the most popular European sizes.


The tool kit contains a large variety of shapes, objects and tools. This is not as complete as the professional programs, but is sufficient for a large number of applications. There are a wide variety of text tools allowing the user to create an endless amount of text effects.

Create Shape

To use a shape, simply drag and drop it on the displayed page. Use the "handles" on the object to position it and make it the correct size. You can use the "inspectors" to change the thickness, color and other attributes of lines and objects. There are inspectors available for every aspect of the page creation that are available from a floating palette.

Insert Image

Adding an image to your page is very easy. Simply select INSERT and IMAGE to open a finder window. Find the image on your computer and drag it to the iStudio page to the proper location.

Adjust Image

The image will probably be too large if it is a high-resolution image. Resize and make other image adjustments from the image inspector tool bar. Change the background of the rectangular object to change the image background or to create a border.

Add Text

There are a variety of ways to add text to an image. In this case we will add a call out. Simply select the call out from the tool kit on the left. Size and place the call out using the movement and size handles on the call out. Use the inspector to adjust the color and other attributes of the call out. Simply type the desired text inside the call out and use the text inspector to adjust the text attributes. When you are finished you can save the iStudio file and also export the file to PDF for printing. Obviously, this software has a lot of features and requires experimentation and practice. However, for $49, you can't find a better page makeup program.


  • check Practice and experiment to become proficient with this software
  • check Use this software to make brochures, card, fliers and just about any print project you can conceive of.

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