How to Use an HP Laptop Keyboard

by Janine James

Laptops are ideal for students and individuals who travel frequently because of their manageable size. Although desktop and laptop computers are similar, there are some minor differences that may take a new laptop user some time to get used to. If you just purchased an HP laptop, the keyboard is likely the biggest difference you will need to get accustomed to.

Turn on your HP laptop computer. Gently hold down the on/off button, which is usually located on the top of your computer's keyboard close to the screen. Allow your computer to completely load.

Place one finger from the dominant hand that you write with, onto the square touch pad mouse area, which is located at the bottom of your keyboard. While keeping your finger gently on top of the pad, you will see that you can move the cursor on your computer screen. When you are interested in clicking on an icon on the screen, click the left button located just under the pad using your other hand. Right-click the mouse button to highlight something.

Open Microsoft Word using the information mentioned in Step 2. Begin practicing typing on your new keyboard. After you have practiced typing for a bit, familiarize yourself with where the number keys are on the keyboard and with the 'fn' button, which is located on the left-hand side by the space bar. When you hold this down, you will be able to click on the numb lock, pause break or print screen buttons located on the upper, right-hand side of your HP laptop.


  • check Clean your HP laptop computer keys about once or twice a month, as dirt and hair can often get trapped under the keys.


  • close Never push or pound on your laptop keyboard. The keys are much more delicate than those of a desktop computer.

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