How to Use a Garmin in Europe

by Quinn Collins

More than 12 million Americans travel to Europe each year. From England to Hungary, American travelers take in each country's culture and explore a foreign landscape. For many travelers, this is done via rental car. Fortunately, oversized paper maps are no longer the only option for navigating another country. Many Americans are used to the convenience of GPS devices, like Garmin products. For those traveling to Europe who already own a Garmin, a simple software download is all you need to explore the continent without fear of getting lost.


Purchase Garmin's MapSource Metro Guide Europe software package. If you have a 16, 32, 64 or 128 MB data card on your existing Garmin device, you may be eligible to download the software information directly for a lower cost.


Load your computer with your newly purchased MapSource Metro Guide Europe software.


Plug your Garmin-supported USB cord into your PC or laptop computer. Connect the USB cord from your computer to your Garmin GPS device.


Open your new software program on the computer and select the regions in Europe you plan to visit.


Select detailed maps within these regions and click "File" for each region along the upper-left tab. Under "File" you'll see an option allowing you to download the geographic information directly to your Garmin.


Remove your Garmin device once you have successfully downloaded all necessary maps for your upcoming trip. Once in Europe, turn on your device as you would in the United States.


  • check For Garmin MapSource software issues, call 1-800-800-1020.

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