How to Use Digital Camera Binoculars

by Contributor

Here's a great idea that works for work or play-digital camera binoculars. It enables the user to take pictures extremely close up. This is of particular interest to bird watchers and other wildlife enthusiasts. Some versions of these products have been out for a long time, but the digital adaptation is incomparable.

Pick up a pair of digital camera binoculars when you are planning a nature hiking or bird watching trip. These are a lot easier to use and keep up with than a high end digital camera with a long lens.

Buy flash memory cards so you will have plenty of space to hold the pictures you take. Rest assured that you can review and publish the pictures since these digital binoculars are compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

Be sure there are batteries in your digital binoculars. Turn it on. Start taking the telescopic pictures you want.

Press the menu button and select the mode you want to use. Take the pictures you want to capture. Press "Preview" to see how the picture should look and "Playback" to see what you just took.

Bring objects closer, take digital pictures and video and keep your memories alive-all with this nifty little invention. Save, print and share the pictures you take just as you would with a digital camera.

Use the software that came with the binoculars to get your computer ready to work on the pictures. Pull up the pictures and edit anything you feel needs work.


  • check With 7X to 10X magnification, you can catch all of the far away sites you want.
  • check For even more features, try digital camera binoculars for astronomy.
  • check Some of the digital camera binoculars are waterproof.