How to Use AceMoney Software

by Contributor

Consumers have plenty of choices when it comes to personal-finance software. There is a range of products with features designed to help you plan budgets and pay bills. One popular personal-finance program is AceMoney. It's relatively easy to use the program to manage all your financial matters.

Manage your accounts by linking them all through AceMoney. The program will make it possible for you to review information from checking accounts, savings accounts and credit lines. Use AceMoney to review and compare assets and debts.

Use the automated budget-planning features to help create a dependable monthly budget. The program offers plenty of preset categories to help you organize your various expenses and income sources. You can compare your budget projections with actual expenses.

Monitor your investments by using special features in AceMoney. The program will automatically download and prepare stock quotes, so you can be aware of every-minute market fluctuation. Track your stocks, company-options packages and retirement funds.

Compare exchange rates between different countries by using the currency calculator. AceMoney keeps track of 150 currencies and organizes the information for easy review. Use this feature to help you budget for overseas trips or invest in foreign currencies.

Handle all the intricacies of a mortgage. Use the loan calculator to compute minimum mortgage payments and compare interest rates for any property you're looking to purchase.

Manage your online-income streams. Configure the program to keep track of all the money you receive via PayPal, RegNow, Plimus or any of the other programs designed to help facilitate e-commerce. Use this feature to manage all the money coming and going from an eBay account.

Visit the Mechcad Software website for more information on how to use the program (see Resources below). AceMoney's online tutorial is a good source of tips and troubleshooting advice.


  • check To take advantage of all of AceMoney's features, you'll need a high-speed Internet connection. Your computer must communicate with your banks or lending agencies to organize your various statements.


  • close AceMoney was not created as a Mac-native software program. While you may still be able to run AceMoney on a computer with a Macintosh operating system, you'll need the help of emulation software, such as Wine, Crossover, Parallels Desktop or Microsoft Virtual PC. You may also need to invest in a copy of Microsoft Windows.

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