How to Upgrade Microsoft Vista Home Premium to Ultimate

by Michelle Castle

When Microsoft released Windows Vista, it came with the option to upgrade editions at any time. However, Microsoft no longer sells upgrades for Windows Vista because Windows 7 succeeded it in October 2009. Nevertheless, you can purchase an old Vista Ultimate upgrade DVD from some retailers and use it to upgrade to Vista Ultimate.


Purchase a Windows Vista Ultimate upgrade DVD retail package. Although Microsoft stopped shipping Windows Vista software to retailers on October 22, 2010, some online retailers have copies of available for purchase in February 2011.


Turn on your PC and wait for Windows Vista to start.


Insert the Windows Vista upgrade disc into your computer. Windows should start the setup process automatically. If necessary, start the installation manually by opening the Windows "Start" menu, clicking "Computer" and double-clicking your DVD drive. Double-click "setup.exe" to launch the setup application.


Follow the software's prompts to upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate.


  • check Windows 7 succeeded Windows Vista in October 2009. You can upgrade directly to Windows 7 Ultimate from Windows Vista Home Premium.


  • close Microsoft will end mainstream support for Windows Vista on April 10, 2012. Security updates that protect your computer from malicious software will not be available to many customers after mainstream support concludes. Consider upgrading to Windows 7 Ultimate if you plan to use the computer after April 2012 because of the risks posed by malicious software.

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