How to Upgrade to iWork 09

by Richard Morgan

When it comes to upgrading issues, Apple has a system that is quite different from other companies. There is no typical "upgrade" for an Apple software program when it comes to the iWork office suite. In other words, if you are using iWork 08 and you want to upgrade to iWork 09, you will need to install the entire new package. This has been the way each version of iWork has been since its inception.


Go to the Apple website and download the 30 day free trial version of iWork 09 to try out the product first. When you are ready to buy the program, go to the Apple website, click on the "Store" tab and navigate to the "Mac Software" tab. Click on "iWork," then click on "Add to Cart." After you input your payment information, you will be sent an email with the registration number, as well as installation instructions. Click on the "iWork 09" icon on your computer to open the program. Click on the "Register Now" button. Input the registration number and click "Accept."


Go to the Apple website and click on the "Store" tab if you want to purchase the program immediately, without trying the 30 day free version first. Navigate to the "Mac Software" tab. Click on "iWork," then click on "Add to Cart." After you input your payment information, you will receive an email with a registration number and installation instructions. You will be able to download the full version using the step-by-step instructions in the confirmation email.


Go to an Apple store and purchase the iWork 09 physically. The retail version does not have a registration number. Simply place the iWork 09 DVD into your computer and install the program by dropping and dragging the iWork icon into the "Applications" folder. This will automatically install iWork 09 on your system.


  • close When you install iWork 09 trial software, know that any files that you create using iWork 09 will not work with earlier programs. Therefore, if you create a file using iWork 09 Pages, it will only open with iWork 09. However, iWork 09 will open earlier versions of the software. If you are creating files, saving them in earlier versions will allow earlier iWork programs to use them without any problems.

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