How to Upgrade an Acer Aspire One Netbook

by Shoaib Khan

The Acer Aspire One is a small and inexpensive notebook computer emphasizing portability and mobility. Notebook computers are essentially stripped-down versions of laptops, with the most basic hardware and software specifications. Because the Aspire One is so small, its internal components are packed together, leaving hardly any room for modifications. Upgrading the computer will improve its performance, but a small improvement might not be worth the effort. Before you begin, make sure you have realistic expectations of performance.


Turn off the computer and remove the battery pack by sliding its latches on the Aspire One's base. Remove exposed screws in the battery chamber from the base of the computer. To remove the concealed screws, pry the rubber seals loose with a flat tipped implement. Replace the seals once you undo the screws. Remove three more screws from the front of the machine.


Release tabs from the top and sides of the keyboard. Three tabs hold the Aspire One keyboard in place. Locate them on top of the "F2," "F8" and "Pause/Break" keys and undo each tab to release the keyboard. Insert a flathead screwdriver to push the tabs in and raise the keyboard. Detach it completely by releasing locks from the sides (located adjacent to the "Enter" key on the right and the "Caps Lock" key on the left). Raise the keyboard, flip it over and unplug the keyboard cable and touchpad cable.


Remove screws from the steel plate covering the motherboard. Gently raise the plate and maneuver it to loosen its attachment. You will have to remove a plastic shield attached to the plate to access the motherboard. Feel with your fingers for locking tabs along the edges of the plastic shield. Undo all of the tabs to remove the steel plate and plastic shield completely.


Unplug cables from the motherboard to disconnect internal components. Release the cables from their slots by undoing locking tabs and tugging at the plastic plug assembly at the head. Remove the hard disk drive cable and the speaker cable from the motherboard.


Remove the wireless card. Unscrew the component to release it from the motherboard, and slide it out of its slot. Detach cables connected to the wireless card.


Undo screws attaching the motherboard to the notebook's base tray. Remove four screws, two from each hinge, and raise the motherboard from its position. Rest it face down on the LCD panel, over a soft cloth.


Upgrade the Acer Aspire One's memory. Remove the existing 512 megabyte RAM module from its slot, and insert a 1 gigabyte module. Make sure the module's teeth correspond to notches on the slot, and gently push it in.


Remove the hard disk drive and install a faster solid state drive. Unscrew and unplug the existing drive, and insert the new component in exactly the same way. Connect its cable and screw it in place.


Reassemble the computer and switch it on. Your Acer Aspire One notebook now has upgraded memory and storage.


  • check Do not try to install an unsupported component.


  • close Do not disassemble your computer if it is under warranty.

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