How to Update Windows Media Player DRM Identifier

by Nina Nixon

The Digital Rights Management (DRM) Identifier is used to manage usage rights of media downloaded on your computer. Each protected file, whether audio or video, comes with certain privileges given to the user by the distributor. These conditions state the playback limitations, copying permissions and portable device syncing rights. By updating the DRM Identifier on your Window Media Player software, the probability of consistent playback without interruption is increased.

Download the latest Windows Media Player from Microsoft (see Resources).

Open Windows Media Player and right-click on any open space on the toolbar. Click "Tools" and then choose "Options."

The Privacy tab in the Options dialog box within Windows Media Player.

Go to the Privacy tab and check "Download usage rights automatically when I play or sync a file." When finished, click "Apply" and then "OK" to close the dialog box.

Windows Media Technologies Security Component Upgrade screen.

Close Windows Media Player and install the Security Component Upgrade, available from Windows Media Technologies (see Resources).


  • close If you decide to rollback to Windows Media Player 10, remove Windows Media Player 11 through the "Add and Remove Programs" utility accessible from the Control Panel. However, be careful not to remove "Windows Media Format 11 Runtime." This software component is needed for Windows Media Player to run properly regardless of having an earlier version installed.

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