How to Unlock a Visual Basic Project in Excel

by Helen Jain

Excel files are sometimes protected by locking the Visual Basic, or VB, project. Though the protection of files will not prevent information from being stolen, it is used to lock in codes, formulas or similar items within an Excel spreadsheet. When changes are necessary, such as replacing a code or fixing an inaccurate formula, the visual basic project must unlock before the changes are possible.


Select "File" and then "Open." Browse the available Excel files to find the locked visual basic project file. Select the file and hit "Open." A locked visual basic file will not open for viewing or modification. Instead, a password box will open.


Type in the password. When the visual basic project is locked, the password is entered twice. To unlock the project for modification, the password is enter. For forgotten passwords, there are password-breaking software options available online that locate the appropriate password.


Open the file. The password will allow modification and opening of the visual basic project files.

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