How to Uninstall Fix It Utilities

by Sabrina Ashley

Avanquest Fix-It Utilities is a software program that locates, diagnoses and repairs computer programs. This utility software also offers virus and spyware protection. A person may have any number of reasons for wanting to uninstall software. For some, Fix-It Utilities may not work well, while others may rarely use the program and want more space on the hard drive. Once this program is installed, it is easy to uninstall it using tools that come with the operating system.


Click the "Start" button.


Click the "Control Panel" from the list of programs.


Click the "Programs," then click the "Programs and Features" for Windows 7 operating system.


Search the list of installed programs and find "Avanquest Fix-It Utilities," then click the program. The section is highlighted.


Click "Uninstall" in Windows 7.


Confirm that you want to uninstall the Fix-It Utilities.


Reboot the computer to remove Fix-It Utilities.

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