Types of Software

by Kristal Smith

Software is anything that is not hardware on your computer. Music, films, recordings, visual materials, games and other installed programs on your computer is software. There are five basic types of software.

Retail Software

Retail software is the software that you pay a price for and then you get to use to its full potential. Retail software is sold in stores and on the Internet.

Shareware Software

Shareware is software that is free for you to try. Usually, the trial period lasts for 30 days. Once your 30 days is up you must remove the program from your computer or purchase it.

Demo Software

Demo software is somewhat similar to shareware except parts of the demo software program are inaccessible to the user. This is because demo software was made to demonstrate what the full version of the program does.

Freeware Software

Freeware is software that is absolutely free. Most freeware is only free for personal use. Commercial use of freeware usually requires that you purchase a paid license.

Public Domain Software

Public domain software is free software. Public domain software is the only form of software that has no copyrights and allows the user to modify it for her own use.

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