Types of Apple Computers

by Milton Kazmeyer

If you are shopping for a new computer but want something other than the usual PC, Apple’s line of computers may be just what you need. Apple’s hardware is strong on design and usability, and the company produces some of the most distinctive machines in the business. Whether you need a powerhouse desktop machine, a lightweight laptop for computing on the go, or a tablet for the ultimate in portability, Apple has an offering that might fit the bill.

Desktop Computers

Apple’s powerhouse desktop PC is the Mac Pro, a computer that resembles typical desktop PCs in configuration but offers many additional features under the hood. Apple offers up to 12 CPU cores along with up to four solid-state drives, giving the top of the line Mac Pro an advantage in power and speed. If you are not looking for quite that level of power and customization, the iMac line of computers features all the power of a desktop PC in a streamlined package, an all-in-one machine that takes up the same space as a desktop LCD monitor.


Apple’s laptop line is all about portability and style. The MacBook Pro is the workhorse, coming in 13- and 15-inch models and offering flash or solid-state hard drives to reduce weight and increase speed. The MacBook Air is the budget offering, coming in 11- and 13-inch models and offering fewer customization options than its more advanced cousins. All MacBook models are extremely thin and lightweight, excellent for applications requiring maximum portability.


Apple’s iPad has been a dominant player in the tablet computing market since its release, and the newest models are powerful machines. Third-generation iPads feature a 10-inch touch screen interface, Wi-Fi and optional cellular connectivity, and the ability to display e-books, play music and movies, and run games and other applications. Apple still produces the iPad 2 as a budget option in its tablet line, offering slightly reduced capabilities in exchange for a reduced price tag.

Mac Mini

For specialty applications, the Mac Mini might be your best choice. At 7.7 inches square and 1.4 inches high, the Mini represents one of the smallest computers on the market, suitable for any situation where a full-sized or even mini tower would take up too much space. The Mini makes a great choice for a media server; tuck the compact computer away in your entertainment center and deliver high-definition entertainment to a big-screen TV or stream audio to your home stereo system. The Mini is versatile enough to fit into a number of different roles, making it a good choice for the heart of your home network.

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