How to Turn Off Mute in a Toshiba Satellite Laptop With Vista

by Tammy Clevenger

The Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, installed on a Toshiba Satellite laptop, is known to have issues with saving the "Unmuted" option for Playback Devices. The issue may appear upon initial installation of Windows Vista, or it may occur with the application of updates or service packs. The symptom that manifests is that the sound is muted when Vista is rebooted on the Toshiba computer, even when the user sets the sound to "Unmute" prior to rebooting. The problem occurs because Vista tends to reset the sound levels. Readjusting and saving the sound levels will turn off mute in the Toshiba Satellite laptop with Vista.


Right-click on the "Sound" icon in the lower right corner of the Windows Vista taskbar (the system tray).


Select the "Playback Devices" option.


Right-click the "Speaker" option in the Playback Devices window.


Click the "Properties" option.


Click the tab labeled "Levels."


Click "Unmute" under the slider and slide the levels for all playback devices upward.


Click the "Apply" button, and then click "OK." The "Mute" option is turned off on the Toshiba Satellite laptop.

About the Author

Tammy Clevenger works in the I.T. industry while maintaining creative outlets through film making, writing and audio production. She is a published academic author and is an accomplished and certified Project Management Professional.