How to Turn a Cheap Laser Pen Into a Burning Laser

by Mike Venture

A laser pen can be great fun whether you're using it to give your pets exercise or to annoy people at the movie theater. By following a few simple steps, you can increase the power of your laser pen, allowing it to pop balloons and light matches. This can be a good way to learn about electronics and optics.

Remove the battery or batteries.

Unscrew or pry off the housing.

Locate the variable resistor on the circuit board. It will be a tiny platform connected to the circuit board by two prongs. In the center of the platform will be a circular area. There will be a divot in the center of this area.

Insert the tip of the screwdriver into the divot and turn it slightly counterclockwise.

Assemble the housing and reinsert the battery or batteries.

Turn on the laser. If the light is not brighter, disassemble the pen again and turn the resistor clockwise.


  • close As with any laser, do not point it into the eyes of any person or animal.
  • close Do not give laser pens to children.
  • close Do no turn the resistor too far or you will burn out the laser.

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