TurboTax Installation Problems

by Tina Amo

You can avoid paying for professional tax preparation help when you use software like TurboTax by Intuit. However, you might encounter some problems with the program during installation. These could be computer-specific because of your system configuration, or program-specific. Intuit provides various resources on its website to help you solve these issues.

Following Setup Guidelines

You can avoid some installation problems by following basic setup guidelines. For instance, ensure that your computer -- whether Windows or Mac -- meets the system specifications necessary for the software version you have. Next, login with administrator rights and ensure the installation CD is not corrupt.

Solving Common Installation Issues

Many Windows users who have encountered setup problems received Windows Installer and .Net Framework errors, while Mac users had download issues. Look up your particular error message on Intuit's website and follow the steps to fix the problem. Mac users can follow Intuit's troubleshooting guide for a solution.

Receiving Help

Intuit provides other helpful resources if problems persist. You can have an agent call you or you can call the company after completing a form with your contact information and question. You can also chat with an agent online, search a knowledge base of answers that experts have provided over the years, or register in the online community and get help from other users.

About the Author

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