Troubleshooting an eMachine Computer

by Amanda Kondolojy

Find Where the Problem is

To troubleshoot effectively, you must first identify what part of the computer is malfunctioning. If the picture on your monitor is flickering, flashing or the display is otherwise disrupted, then the problem is with the monitor. If the computer's tower is making strange noises, or certain drives won't work, then you have a hardware issue. If your computer experiences frequent freezing, there is a problem with your software or operating system.

Check Connections

Once you have identified where the problem is, check the connections associated with the problem. If you have identified the problem as being related to the monitor or the hardware, the best way to combat these issues is to check the cables associated with these parts. For the monitor, check the monitor cord. Make sure it is fully screwed into place and the cord is not damaged. If you have identified the issue as a software problem, reboot your computer in "safe" mode to find out if any corrupted software is causing the problem (see link in Resources).

Run Routine Maintenance

Although computers are generally built to be durable, you need to take care of them to make sure they last a long time. This means keeping the area where you keep your computer clean. Dust different cords and ports. On the software side of things, make sure to run the defragment utility as well as disk cleanup at least once a month. This will keep your computer going fast and will prevent freezing and slowdowns.

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