How to Troubleshoot Gateway Computer Speakers

by Chris Yokum

Periodically, your computer equipment will malfunction. One day it will be working just fine, and the very next day it will start behaving oddly. The best thing you can do to resolve this issue is to follow a few troubleshooting steps. Taking your time to diagnose your malfunctioning equipment can save you tons of aggravation and a few bucks in the process. With a few simple tips, you'll soon learn how to troubleshoot Gateway computer speakers.

Check your sound settings on your computer system. This should be the first step in your troubleshooting process, because sometimes theses settings could be mistakenly changed without you being aware of it. Verify that the “Mute” button is not clicked in your sound settings. In order to check these settings, just simply right click the “Sound” icon in the task tray of your computer. There should be an icon that represents your Gateway computer speakers in this device window. If the speakers have been muted, you'll instantly see a red circle with a line through it. To get proper sound from your Gateway computer speakers, they should not be muted.

Verify that your Gateway computer speakers are plugged into the correct connections on your computer system. If you have recently moved your computer from one destination to another, it's possible that the speakers were mistakenly plugged into the wrong location. Most current computer systems have color-coded connections that will easily guide you through setting up peripherals. If your computer system is not color coded, then look for the speaker icon on it to help direct you to the right connection.

Unplug your Gateway computer speakers from your current computer system. Access an alternate computer system that is available for testing. Immediately connect the speakers to a different computer system that you are familiar with. If your Gateway computer speakers work perfectly on this alternate computer system, then that means that you have incorrect settings on your original computer. Connect the speakers back to the other computer system and test them again.

Replace your Gateway computer speakers if they do not work on any computer system. Occasionally, computer speakers will completely stop working because of a major malfunction or a short in the circuitry. If your computer speakers are less than a year old, then contact customer service to discuss your current warranty coverage. It may be possible to get a free replacement if it is within your warranty period. When purchasing computer equipment, sometimes it's a great idea to also purchase an extended warranty for unexpected surprises.


  • check Always test your speakers on multiple computers.

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