How to Deal with Trees in Front of a Satellite Dish

by Contributor

Sometimes, an installed dish antenna may start receiving a poor signal for no apparent reason. To determine the cause, check if any trees are obstructing the signal reception. It is possible the trees that did not pose a problem during installation interferes with satellite signal after a few days, particularly on windy days. The type of trees in the vicinity also makes a difference. For instance, weeping willows may cause considerable problems because of their swaying branches. Others that shed leaves in autumn may give a clearer signal throughout fall and winter, while only becoming problematic in summer. Read these steps on how to handle this situation.

Check if there are any other clear spaces around where the dish can be successfully reinstalled.

Reinstall the dish if a space devoid of trees and other obstacles is available.

If there is no other appropriate location, trim the trees so they do not interfere with the signal reaching the dish antenna.


  • check Put some effort into identifying a suitable location for mounting the dish at the initial installation to avoid re-installation.


  • close In the event that reinstallation is required, get the help of professionals. Do not install the dish yourself.