How to Transfer a FreeMind Mind Map to a Word Document

by Suvro Banerji

FreeMind is a free mind-mapping software written in Java. You can export a map created in FreeMind into a Word document using the "Export" tool. This is a useful feature that allows you to share your maps with individuals who may not have FreeMind installed on their computers. This process generates empty Word documents. But once the transfer is complete, you can open the Word document and add, edit or remove content. You may also need administrative rights to complete this task.

Open the map that you created in FreeMind.

Click the "File" menu tab on the top bar. Choose "Export."

Choose the option that says "Using XSLT..."

Open the XSL file labeled "mm2wordml_utf8.xsl." You will find this file in the following path: /FreeMind/accessories.

Type the name of the export file as "something.doc" when prompted. Choose a destination to save the Word file and click "Export."

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