How to Transcribe Audio to Text

by Lori Furgerson

Having the right tools to do transcription work, medical, legal or otherwise, is imperative for a transcriptionist. Transcribing audio to text takes time and concentration, so using the correct equipment makes it possible to do the job with more efficiency. If you want your work to run smoothly, line up and have a few things in place before beginning your transcriptions.

Work in a comfortable area. Transcribing can take hours. Be sure to take breaks.

Begin listening to the audio tape or file. Listen to a part, pause it, then type what was just heard.

Use a foot pedal. It plugs in to the USB port of the computer and allows the transcriptionist to control when to start and stop the audio as needed.

Purchase a high-quality headset to listen to the audio to help reduce any background noise.

Use a high-quality word processing program to type the audio into text.


  • check Transcribing audio into text requires a quiet place. It can't be done in a noisy area.

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