How to Track a Truck Driver Without GPS

by Hunter Taylor

Truck drivers spend numerous hours on the road. Their loads can range from food to electronics to drugs. At times, the driver must travel through dangerous or deserted areas of the country. For high-value loads and safety concerns, the truck driver's employer, the shipper and the load receiver must know where the driver is along the route. If the driver does not have GPS or if the driver is in a remote part of the route, there is still a way to keep track of him.


Calculate the mileage between the start and destination points. For example, a trip from Atlanta to Washington DC is approximately 650 miles.


Divide the mileage by the average miles per hour of the truckm which is 60. The average is 60 miles per hour because in some states, trucks are required to stop at weigh stations. 650 miles divided by 60 miles per hour totals 11 hours.


Require the driver to call the truck company's dispatch department every few hours or at towns along the route. The driver can call from his cell phone or the dispatch department can call him if he has not checked in at the appointed time.

Google Latitude


Download and install Google Latitude for the computer.


Click on the Friends tab to add the truckers who will be tracked.


Zoom into and out of the map by clicking the plus and minus buttons.


  • check Help the driver understand how important it is to stay on track and get the load to its destination on time. Make sure that the trucker adds Google Latitude to his cell phone and grants the truck company permission to track him. It is helpful to have a Google email account.

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