How to Touch Up Photos Using Microsoft Digital Image Pro

by Contributor

When you take a photo of something it rarely turns out perfect. Thanks to technology you can now adjust the picture after taking it. Microsoft Digital Image Pro gives you the option to upload your pictures from different media and edit it as you desire. Follow these steps to learn how to touch up photos using Microsoft Digital Image Pro.

Launch your Digital Image Pro program and select the icon that represents the location of your photos. You have the options of uploading your photos from a digital camera, scanner, portable media or your computer.

Crop your photo by clicking on "Size and Position" then selecting "Crop." This allows you to edit out parts of the photo you don't want and zoom in on the portions that you want to enhance. Select the shape that you want the photo to be after cropping then click "Done."

Go to the "Touch Up" screen to adjust the brightness and contrast. When you click on the icon for "Brightness and Contrast" you will be given a slide bar for each. Adjust each one until you're satisfied with your photo then click "Done."

Remove dust from your pictures by clicking on "Remove Dust and Blemishes." Adjust the slide bar on your photos until you're satisfied with the photo then click "Done."

Correct the tint on your photos in Digital Image Pro by clicking on the icon that says "Correct Tint." Adjust the levels of tint until you're satisfied then select "Done."

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