Toshiba Satellite Battery Recall

by Amy Derby

Between October 2006 and October 2008, more than 370,000 lithium ion batteries manufactured by Sony Energy Devices Corporation of Japan were recalled for posing fire and burn risks to consumers. Various Toshiba Satellite models were affected by these recalls. In cooperation with the the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Toshiba has agreed to issue replacement battery packs at no charge.

Hazard and Injury Risks

As of the October 30, 2008 recall, CPSC had received 19 consumer reports of overheated batteries. Seventeen consumers reported fires, 10 of which resulted in minor property damage. Two consumers reported minor burns, according to CPSC. Toshiba reports that its investigation with Sony Corporation confirms that "the battery cells in specific manufacturing lots could be affected and could result in a fire."


Toshiba will provide a free replacement battery pack to consumers affected by the recall. Fill out the "Request a Battery Exchange" form on Toshiba's website or call the company for further information. CPSC recommends that consumers remove the recalled batteries from their laptops immediately to avoid risk of fire or injury while waiting for a replacement battery.

Affected Models

According to Toshiba, Satellite models affected are: A70-S2362, A70-S2561, A70-S249, A70-S2482TD, A70-S2491, A70-S2492ST, A70-S2591, A70-S259, A70-S256, A75-S2293, A75-S2311, A75-S231, A75-S2111, A75-S211, A75-S2292, A75-S2291, A75-S229, A75-S2091, A75-S209, A75-S2112, A75-S213, A75-S2131, A75-S125, A75-S1251, A75-S1253, A75-S1252, A75-S1254, A75-S1255, A75-S2061, A75-S206, A75-S226, A75-S2261, A75-S276, A75-S2761, A75-S2762, M30X-S221TD, M30X-S221ST, M30X-S191TD, M30X-S181ST, M30X-S171ST, M30X-S1593ST, M30X-S1592ST, M35X-S3112, M35X-S1141, M35X-S1631, M35X-S163, M35X-S1143, M35X-S1142, M35X-S114, M35X-S3111, M35X-S311, M35X-S1611, M35X-S161, M35X-S111, M35X-S1492, M35X-S3491, M35X-S349, M35X-S3291, M35X-S329, M35X-S3091, M35X-S309, M35X-S109, M35X-S1491, M35X-S149, M50-S418TD, M50-S5182TD, M50-S5181TD, M50-S4182TD, M55-S321, M55-S3314, M55-S3315, M55-S3511, M55-S351, M55-S3294, M55-S3293, M55-S3292, M55-S3291, M55-S329, M55-S3313, M55-S3312, M55-S3311, M55-S3512, M55-S331, M55-S135, M55 Series, M55-S2252, M55-S1352, M55-S3262, M55-S2253, M55-S3251, M55-S325, M55-S1351, P30-S6363ST, P30-S6362ST, P35-S6292, P35-S611, P35-S6111, P35-S631, P35-S6311, P35-S6112, P35-S605, P35-S6052, P35-S6053, P35-S6051, P35-S609, P35-S6091, P35-S629 and P35-S6291.

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