Top 5 Software for Internet Security

by KR Knowlin

In today's digital age, effective Internet security is paramount. Without proper Internet security, you are susceptible to malicious attacks and crippling viruses--even if you operate on a secured network. Often email attachments and downloaded programs and music contain harmful Trojans and malware set to gather your personal information. In addition, Trojans and malware embed themselves deep within your system and can be difficult to fully remove.

Norton Internet Security 2010

Norton is a familiar name in computer and Internet security. It should come as no surprise then that voted Norton Internet Security 2010 as the best Internet security suite on the market. Similarly, CNET rated the Norton suite four out of five stars, and it's a Editor's Choice pick. These sites praise the program's performance, usability and effectiveness. The suite retails for about $65, as of June 2010.

G Data Internet Security 2010

If you're looking for a less expensive Internet security program, Consumer Search reviewed G Data Internet Security 2010 as the Best Budget Internet security suite on the market. According to the website, not only does G Data Internet Security 2010 provide powerful malware detection, but it features a user-friendly customizable interface. However, the review does recognize the program's shortcomings: "G Data's system scans are very slow, and the program takes up a lot of random access memory (RAM)."

BitDefender Total Security 2010

Consumer Search has deemed BitDefender a "worthy competitor" to the Norton suite. Notable features of the program include customizable user modes, powerful malware projection and an updated interface. According to, "BitDefender's antivirus technology is certified for virus detection and removal by ICSA Labs and West Coast Labs." As of June 2010, the cost of the suite is roughly $50, according to Consumer Search.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 notes one of the most impressive features of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 is its advanced firewall technology. According to editor Neil J. Rubenking, "[r]ather than attempt to stealth all ports (as most firewalls do), Kaspersky specifically blocks attack-type traffic," making it a more effective option. Cons of the program include a comparatively intricate interface--Consumer Search cautions it might not be the best option for some users--and hig price: around $80 as of June 2010.

Intego VirusBarrier X6

Mac users often consider their computers insusceptible to viruses and malware, warns that such is not the case. Macs that share a network with Windows computers are especially susceptible to attacks. Futhermore, even if your Mac isn't showing signs of infection, it very well may be infected and may infect the Windows computers on your network. Intego Virus Barrier X6 provides a viable solution for two-way firewall and phishing and spyware protection. As of June 2010, the suite retails at about $50.

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