How to Test a Golf Cart Motor

by Emile Heskey

Testing a golf cart motor not only is part of its regular maintenance, but will also help to troubleshoot problems when they develop. If the motor malfunctions, then you can run a series of checks, which will eliminate possible causes of the problem. Doing so will give you an idea of what is malfunctioning, and will allow you to either fix the problem yourself or hire a mechanic to remedy it.

Press the reset button on the motor, which may have received an electricity surge and stopped working. Take the screws off the panel on top of the motor. On the motor itself will be a red reset button. Press it, then test the motor by attempting to drive the cart. If it works, then the problem lay with the motor.

Check the motor for visible signs of damage or wear. If you can see wires that have frayed or become disconnected, then this may cause problems with the motor. Reattach any wires and press the reset button, and attempt to drive.

Test the plug socket in which the golf cart has been charging. If the socket is damaged, then the cart may not be charged. Insert the socket tester into the plug and check the reading. Or, try charging the cart in a different socket, and see if this fixes the problem.

Test the batteries in the golf cart by lifting up the seat, unscrewing the battery clamps and testing the batteries with a 12-volt tester. Repeat this with each battery in the row. If any of them are not functioning, remove and replace with a new battery. Reattach the clamps and drive the golf cart. Reset the motor if you have replaced the battery.


  • close Do not attempt to work on the golf cart while it is plugged in the socket, even if it is broken. Always unplug it to work on it.

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