How to Submit an Adult Site to DMOZ

by Contributor

How to Submit an Adult Site to DMOZ. Sites listed in the community-maintained DMOZ Open Directory project are representative of the interests of its users. Some users' interests may be sexual. While there's nothing wrong with including adult sites, they might offend some ODP viewers. DMOZ has created a specific category and set of regulations that must be followed by anyone who submits adult sites and the editors who review them.


Determine whether the site you want to submit fits the general guidelines for the "Adult" category. To be included, the theme of your site must present an interest in sex without any artistic, literary or scientific value, show and describe nudity and sexual organs in a lustful manner or show sexual acts in an explicit way designed to entertain the audience.


List sites that don't contain adult content but have banner ads that link to adult sites in a category other than the "Adult" category. However, if your site has sexually explicit images, text or advertisements for sex toys, submit it in the "Adult" category.


Type "Adult" or a sexually explicit word into the DMOZ search bar to locate the general category (see Resources below). This category is not listed on the front page of DMOZ. If you already have more specific keywords to describe your site, such as "adult image gallery" or "adult role-playing," type those into the search bar to bring you to a deeper-level subcategory where you can submit your site.


Browse the directory that best suits your adult site. Conduct a quick search to ensure that your site isn't already listed or hasn't already been submitted. With adult sites, it's likely that a mirror or a portal site already exists on DMOZ. A mirror site is a site with a different URL, but which contains the same content as your site. A portal site, in adult site jargon, means the URL is merely a door that will bring you to another explicit site; the portal doesn't contain any original content.


Click on "Suggest URL" once you've found the correct subcategory for your site. Fill out the submission form without using any synonyms for "Adult," such as "XXX" or "porn," or derogatory terms. If you're unsure whether a term is considered derogatory, read the guidelines governing adult site descriptions. It can be found in DMOZ's "Adult FAQ" section (see Resources below).


Proofread your submission information, provide a valid email address and click "Submit."