How to Start a Fan Fiction Website

by Contributor

If you're a huge fan of science fiction or other stories and TV shows with any writing talent, you've probably written fan fiction stories on your favorites. Thanks to the Internet, you can allow other fans to read your stories and provide their own. Read on to learn how to create your own fan fiction website.

Find a web host that you can create your website on. There are numerous web hosts available that will allow you to create one at little or no charge.

Decide what type of fan fiction will be on your website. Will you have a wide variety of titles, or a few select like Buffy, Star Trek or Harry Potter?

Upload your own fan fiction stories to start your site's library. Organize them so they are easily accessible. Organizing by genre and title usually works best.

Allow other writers to submit their stories and upload them onto the site. This can easily be done through an email link. You should eventually have a whole community of fan fiction writers providing you material.

Make sure your website can be easily found by web surfers. Create a header that includes the words "fan fiction" so a search engine will quickly pick it up. You can also include your most popular (or exclusive) titles for those looking mainly for them.


  • close Remember that you and your writers must protect yourselves from copyright infringement. Fan fiction writers should mention at the beginning that they don't own the characters they are using and are not looking to profit off their stories.

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