How to Speak With a Microsoft Representative

by David Downs

Microsoft is the world's largest maker of computer software. More than 90 percent of home computers run a version of its Windows operating system. Microsoft also produces and distributes a wide variety of software for desktop publishing. Much of it can be quite complex. Here's how to speak with a Microsoft representative.

Contacting Microsoft

To contact a Microsoft representative by phone, make an appointment by logging onto to and going to the support page.

Select the product you wish to speak to a representative about, agree to a EULA (end-user licensing agreement), and select "phone" from the method column. A phone number will be provided.

Be patient. Phone appointments with representatives are limited to select business hours, and call wait times can vary.


  • check If you're having trouble using a Microsoft product, consult its "Help" program or online support center before calling Microsoft. A telephone consultation with a Microsoft representative will cost $59 per call.


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