Software for Formatting Hard Drives

by James Ford

It is useful to format a hard drive if you have stubborn viruses or hard disk errors. When you format a hard drive, the formatting software erases all of the data on the partition and makes it reusable. The advantage of using a third-party program is that they are easy to use and may include additional hard drive maintenance options.

Software that You Can Purchase

Paragon Hard Disk Manager is maintenance software that supports most formatting types, including NTFS and FAT. Recover98 allows you to recover data that has previously been deleted.

Free Software

CompuApps SwissKnife is similar to Paragon Hard Disk Manager, since it provides a simple way of creating and deleting hard drive partitions. Active@ Kill Disk will format your hard drive so there is no chance of the data being recovered at a later date.

Additional Options

The software programs listed above are just a few examples of the types of programs available, but there are many more. You should choose a program that will suit your needs and will achieve your goals. If none of the software listed here meets your needs, you can try to search for others on the Web or on a software download website.

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