How to Get Side-by-Side Windows Instead of Tabs

by Chad Buleen

The problem with opening browser tabs is that you can only see one page at a time. By opening side-by-side windows, you can see the content on both pages, simultaneously. Opening side-by-side windows instead of tabs requires no special expertise and takes only a moment to complete.

Open your Web browser.

Click "File" and "New Window" to open a new window or select "Ctrl" and "N." The new window opens on top of the currently opened window.

Move your cursor to the bottom right of the top browser window until you see the two-sided arrow appear.

Click, hold and drag the cursor to the left, until it you reach about the half-way point of the computer screen.

Click the browser window on the bottom and repeat Steps 3 and 4.

Click the top bar of each window (one at a time) and hold down your mouse button as you move the window into the position where they are next to each other.

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