How to Set Up a Home Security Camera to Send an Alert to a Cell Phone

by Contributor

Home security cameras increase in popularity every year. As crime increases, people feel strongly lead to increase security in their homes for the sake of their families and personal property. Many home owners choose to use receive an alert via cell phone under certain conditions. If you are interested in this feature, follow these steps.

Start the program that hosts your security camera on you computer.

Locate the section that allows you to set options. If this section is not on your screen at start up, try looking in the File section at the very top of your screen.

Locate the choice that allows you to send alerts.

Indicate that you would like to receive an alert by cell phone.

Enter the cell phone number or numbers you would like to use.

Indicate the conditions under which you would like to receive an alert. These conditions will generally be in a list format with boxes that you can check next to each condition.

Select the OK button to save your preferences.


  • check Carefully consider which cell phone numbers you will use. If you will receive alerts under emergency conditions, you may want to enter all of your cell phone numbers. If you will only receive alerts to satisfy curiosity, you may want to give only cell phones that you would answer in private rather than, say, in a busy office.