How to Set Up Nero Media Streaming

by Ashley Donohoe

Nero MediaHome lets you stream audio, pictures and videos over your home network. In addition to streaming content to other computers, you can also view content on a compatible TV because Nero transcodes the media as it is transmitted. The program also allows you to stream Internet content to devices in real time. You can set up media streaming so that Nero MediaHome automatically recognizes devices that you plug into the network.


Open Nero MediaHome and click the "Share" menu on the main screen. Select "Local Folders" and click "Add Share." Choose the folder that contains the media you wish to stream across your home network and click "OK." Repeat this process for any other folders you wish to add.


Click "Devices" on the left pane and choose "Access Control" to allow or deny access to devices.


Click "Start Server" on the bottom of the main NeroHome window and click "OK." Devices you have allowed can now access the shared files over the network.

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