How to Set Up a Filezilla FTP Server

by Paul Betters

Filezilla is an open source program that allows you to, among other things, set up your own free FTP server. Even though the idea of setting up an independent server seems like a daunting task, the Filezilla process is rather simple.

Download the Filezilla server application. While you may also want to download the client software, you will need the hosting software to set up your FTP server. A link to the download page can be found in the Resources section.

Run the Filezilla setup utility, FileZilla_Server-0_9_31.exe. You will have to agree to the license agreement before you can begin installation.

Select the standard installation type, and choose the folder you would like Filezilla to be installed to. You will next have to choose between automatically starting the program with Windows, or starting it manually. Starting the program with Windows is the recommended setting, and is marked as the default.

Set your start-up preferences for the server interface. By default, the server interface will start as soon as you log in. Press the "Install" button, and click "Close" when the installation has completed.

Run the Filezilla Server Interface. It will ask for your Port, which should by default be set to 14147, and the server address. Setting the server address to "" will direct the computer to connect to itself. This will make the computer you are currently using the FTP server. Tick off the "Always connect to this server" box, and click "OK" to connect.


  • check It is always a good practice to test your new FTP server by trying to connect to it through a different Internet connection and on a different computer than the one you set it up with.

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