How to Set the Time on Sony Walkman Srf-M37v

by Julius Vandersteen

The Sony Walkman Srf-M37v enables you to listen to television audio as well as weather reports and stereo FM and AM radio broadcasts, making it suitable for a variety of entertainment and informational needs. It has a clock so you can keep track of what time it is, which is useful when you want to make sure that you tune into a program at a specific time. You can easily set the time on your Sony Walkman Srf-M37v by pressing a few buttons on the front of the device.


Press the “Power” button, located on the front of the Sony Walkman Srf-M37v to the left of the display, to turn on the device.


Press and hold the “Clock” button for at least two seconds, until the Walkman beeps and the hours flash in the display. The “Clock” button is located on the front of the Walkman to the right of the display.


Press the “Tune/Time Set” plus button to advance the time forward, or press the minus button to move the time backward until you see the correct hour in the display. Each time you press the plus or minus button, you adjust the clock by one hour. You can also press and hold the plus or minus button to make the digits change more quickly.


Press the “Clock” button. The minutes start to flash. Press the plus or minus button to adjust the minutes until you see the correct time in the display.


Press the “Clock” button once more to save the changes. The Walkman beeps twice and the clock starts at zero seconds.

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