How to Save Information in a TI-84 Calculator

by Chance E. Gartneer

Working with more advanced calculators can sometimes be a double-edged sword: the more work that your calculator can do, the more data it will require to perform its calculations. The TI-84 graphing scientific calculator allows you to save information as stored variables whose values can be later recalled during mathematical operations. Saving information on a TI-84 calculator can accelerate a program's execution and can increase your work's efficiency.

Key in the desired value to store using the calculator's keypad.

Press the "Sto>" key above the "On" key. A right facing arrow will appear on the calculator screen to the left of the entered value.

Press the "Alpha" key at the top of the keypad. Then press the key with the desired letter written above it to choose the variable.

Press the "Enter" key. The value is now stored in that letter.

Press the "Alpha" key, then the letter key where the value is stored, and press "Enter" to display the stored value on the calculator's screen.

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