The Right Mouse Button Is Not Working on My Lenovo T400

by Michelle Carvo

The Lenovo T400 ThinkPad is a laptop that runs either Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and comes with a full-sized keyboard and mouse. Occasionally, the right mouse button on the Lenovo T400 may stop functioning correctly, preventing the user from taking advantage of mouse functions such as right-clicking and copying/pasting through the mouse. The right mouse button may stop working on the T400 laptop for several reasons, and by going through each potential issue, most users can resolve the issue.

Temporary Problem

As with most computer problems, sometimes the right mouse button problem is only temporary. A right mouse button that has suddenly stopped working on the Lenovo T400 laptop may be caused by a number of temporary issues, including a crashed mouse driver, operating system error or a problem with a particular program crashing. When the issue is temporary, many users find that restarting the Lenovo T400 laptop by clicking "Start," then "Shutdown" and then "Restart" resolves it.

External Mouse

Although the Lenovo T400's trackpad and buttons usually work fine, some users prefer to plug in an external mouse and use that instead of the trackpad. What these users might not realize is that when they plug in the mouse, the built-in mouse buttons might not work. The T400's mouse buttons are temporarily disabled to avoid unintentional trackpad mouse movements while the external mouse is plugged in. Users who experience problems with their right mouse buttons not working due to an external mouse being plugged in may find that removing the external mouse is the solution.

Mouse Driver

Despite the fact that the trackpad is built into the Lenovo T400, it still requires a driver to function correctly with the rest of the laptop hardware and the operating system. Without the Lenovo T400 mouse driver, the mouse's right button typically won't work, as the driver makes this functionality possible. Lenovo T400 users can find the correct mouse driver for their laptop by visiting Lenovo's support website . By installing the correct driver, the user can usually get the right mouse button to work.

Button Problems

If the user has already installed the mouse driver, restarted the computer and ensured that no external mouse is plugged in, an issue with the right mouse button itself may be to blame. The T400's button may stop working because the button is sticky or otherwise dirty, which prevents the button from registering when clicked. Cleaning the button by following Lenovo's user guide instructions for cleaning the laptop may fix this issue. Alternatively, the mouse button may be broken. In this case, the user can either replace the button or send the computer to Lenovo for repair.

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