How to Get Rid of Spyware & Add Ons

by Nathaniel Miller

Is your computer running slow or programs acting "weird"? Maybe it seems like settings on your computer have changed since you last ran it, but you know you didn't change anything. Your computer may be infected with spyware or other various add-on software that sometimes get included in online downloads. If you are concerned that your computer has been infected with such programs, there are a few simple steps you can take to alleviate your problems and get rid of the additional software.

Left-click on "Start", then click "Accessories," followed by "System Tools." Under "System Tools," click "System Restore" and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the restoration of your system to a time previous to the infestation of the spyware.

Left click on "Start," "Control Panel" and "Add/Remove Programs." Go through each of the programs and determine whether you or the system administrator added each piece of software. If you find any software that is new and was not downloaded or installed by you or an administrator, click "Remove software" and follow the onscreen instructions to get rid of the software.

Visit the link for AVG anti-virus software (see Resources below) and click on the "Download Now" link to download the free software. Install the software by double-clicking on the AVG setup file and following the onscreen instructions. After AVG is installed, click "Scan" under the program menu and allow the program to destroy any worms or viruses that it finds.


  • check Make sure to back up the settings of your computer before beginning any of the above steps, as you want to be able to return to those settings if you change something that you shouldn't have.

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